River Terrace Association


River Terrace Condominium
 3050 NE 16 Avenue   
Oakland Park, FL 33334

For building issues email Steve: sdkinap@yahoo.com
             River Terrace  is a condominium community
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Board of Directors   
Steve Knox, President
Leo Gaudette, V.P.
Wally Brown, MRC Rep.
Gil Coogler, Treasurer
John Moriarty, Secretary


In our continuing efforts to provide a safe, secure & organized residence for all of us, we are updating our procedures for keeping track of overnight/extended stay visitor’s cars in the River Terrace parking lot.  Each condo will be issued two (2) numbered yellow parking placards, similar to “handicapped placards”, which are to be hung from the rear view mirror while the car is parked in the River Terrace parking lot.  

We will continue the practice of notifying the Board of overnight/extended stay visitors by dropping an index card in the storage room mail slot on the first floor with the following information:  Condo #, Dates, Number of guests.

Residents with two (2) vehicles will continue to use the Red RTC Stickers in the rear window of both cars and park one (1) in a guest spot.

Distribution of the new placards will begin at our annual meeting on March 20th.  If you have any question we invite you to contact one of the board members, or attend the annual meeting.

Failure to comply with parking regulations could result in the vehicle being tagged and towed.

Re-cycling is encouraged at River Terrace. Each month it costs the association tipping fees to dump the garbage/trash. Every pound of trash that is put into re-cycling lowers this bill as re-cycling pickup is of no charge to the association. Remember the City of Oakland Park does not charge our association for recycling pick up.  

Yes you can combine your recycled articles in the bin!  Read the details of the City of Oakland Park's Single Stream Recycling Program.

You can help us to economize by using the recycle bins whenever possible. We are charged by the pound for every item placed in the trash bin. You can help by recycling your gently used items by advertising them for free or for sale on our Bulletin Board. One man's trash is another man's treasure!